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Promote Bac Giang lychee to the US market

Promote Bac Giang lychee promotion to the US market

On April 26, the online conference “Connecting trade, promoting consumption of lychee and products with potential and advantages of Bac Giang province to the US market in 2023” was held to promote export lychee to the US market.

The output of lychee eligible for export to the US is estimated at 1,500 tons

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Quang Tan – Director of the Department of Industry and Trade said that Bac Giang province has many typical and famous agricultural products such as Ban Ven tea and rice-based products (Chù rice noodles). with an output of tens of thousands of tons; citrus trees (oranges, pomelos) with an annual output of nearly 90 thousand tons of fruit.

In particular, Bac Giang has the largest lychee area in the country. Bac Giang lychee is now a famous brand, highly appreciated by consumers for its quality, food safety, and traceability.

In 2023, Bac Giang province has 29,700 hectares of lychee, the total output is estimated at over 180,000 tons, the expected harvest time is from May 20 to July 30, 2023. In particular, the area and output of lychee that are eligible for export to the US market have been granted 17 planting area codes, with an area of ​​205 hectares, the output is estimated at 1,500 tons.

Overcoming difficulties, promoting lychee consumption promotion to the US

Promote Bac Giang lychee promotion to the US market

A representative of Bac Giang Department of Industry and Trade said that Bac Giang province identifies the US as a potential market with great purchasing power but requires high quality with strict requirements in quarantine and food safety. Therefore, when exporting lychee and other agricultural products of the province to the US market, there are some difficulties in transportation and irradiation costs.

In order to facilitate the export of lychee to the US market, Bac Giang province also suggested relevant units of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to continue to pay attention and have orientations to help Bac Giang province in pepper promotion activities. consuming lychee and other strong products of Bac Giang province in the US market; supporting information about the market, import and export policies, procedures, quality certification, food safety and hygiene… and technical barriers of the European and American markets.

Representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Do Ngoc Hung – Vietnam Trade Counselor in the US – said that the Trade Office always tries to promote Bac Giang products at events jointly organized by the Trade Office. In order to export lychee successfully, Bac Giang needs to continue to coordinate to enjoy the preferential direct flight price for Vietnamese lychee, removing difficulties in freight rates; at the same time, select appropriate preservation technology, meeting the requirements of US import standards.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Phan The Tuan – Vice Chairman of Bac Giang Provincial People’s Committee – emphasized, identifying the US as a large and potential market, goods eligible for export to the US market, and This means that we can export to many other potential markets around the world. Bac Giang province is committed to creating the best conditions for domestic and foreign businesses to come to Bac Giang to invest in production, trade, import and export goods, especially lychee export. Any recommendations of the business will be directed to resolve in a timely manner so that the lychee fruit can soon be brought to the US market.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade

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