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Four new Clean Air Zones to be introduced in 2022

Four Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are scheduled to be introduced in English cities in 2022 – Greater Manchester, Bradford, Bristol and Sheffield.

These will join cities where CAZs and Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are already in operation – London, Birmingham, Bath and Portsmouth. However, Bradford’s CAZ, which was scheduled to begin operation in January 2022, is now not expected to be launched until early summer. The Greater Manchester CAZ may also be delayed. Last week (6 January 2022), the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and Councillor Andrew Western, the city-region’s Clean Air lead, issued a statement expressing concern that their request for additional support from government for those who will find it hardest to make the change had not been agreed.

“We are committed to reducing air pollution in Greater Manchester but also to protecting the jobs and livelihoods of our residents,” Burnham and Western said, “We are listening carefully to concerns being expressed about the current situation and will make a decision shortly on our next steps.”

In Scotland, LEZs are scheduled to be introduced in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen in May 2022, although enforcement is not expected to begin until spring 2024.

To reflect the latest changes, Logistics UK has updated its members-only briefing note for January 2022. While many of the details about CAZs and LEZs remain unconfirmed, the briefing note represents Logistics UK’s best estimate of the end situation commercial vehicle operators will face.

Natalie Chapman, Head of Policy – South, Logistics UK, said: “2022 looks set to be a year in which operators will have to consider the emissions requirements of a further four English cities, including the sizeable Greater Manchester area, although cost of living and pandemic pressures means considerable doubt remains over whether these zones will be introduced according to their original schedules. With daily charges for non-compliant HGVs varying between £50-£100, this could represent a significant uplift in costs for operators that deliver into these areas.

“Logistics UK continues to engage with local authorities to campaign for an approach that balances the need to improve the air quality in our major cities with the need to ensure that our members can continue to supply urban areas with food, clothes, essential equipment and medicines without being unduly penalised.”

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