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The first batch of sweet potatoes officially exported to the Chinese market

The first batch of officially exported sweet potatoes to the Chinese market

On April 19, the first batch of sweet potatoes for official export with more than 84 tons in the growing area was granted a code in Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province, and was on its way to the Chinese market.

After many years of negotiation between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the General Administration of Customs of China, on November 22, 2022, the Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for sweet potato products from Vietnam to China was signed.

This means that Vietnam’s sweet potato products are officially exported to this market.

Implementing the above-mentioned Protocol, on April 19, Binh Tan district, Vinh Long province held a ceremony to announce the export of the first batch of sweet potatoes from Vietnam to the Chinese market.

Sweet potato is one of the key agricultural products of Vinh Long province in general, and Binh Tan district in particular, with a growing area of ​​12,000-14,000 ha/year, with an output of 380,000-400,000 tons/year.

Over the past time, the agricultural sector of Vinh Long province has coordinated with the departments, branches, localities and farmers to constantly propagate and mobilize farmers to improve the technical process of farming, harvesting, and applying the achievements. science and technology to improve productivity, create products that meet strict requirements on quality, food safety and health and consumer health according to international standards.

Up to now, Vinh Long has been granted 27 growing area codes and 3 sweet potato packers have been granted export codes to the Chinese market and started exporting the first shipments under the Protocol.

Vinh Long’s organization of the export announcement ceremony for the first batch of sweet potatoes is a proof that the product quality has met the requirements of the Chinese Customs.

This is an opportunity for Vinh Long province in particular to develop this product industry in a modern direction, ensuring quality, safety, sustainability and close linkage from production to consumption markets. Since then, improving efficiency and raising the value of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international arena.

Source: Government Electronic Newspaper

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