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Proud to be a reputable enterprise in the field of freight forwarding. Currently, we are providing customers and partners with the main services including freight services for international and domestic goods by diversified methods air; sea, rail, road; customs declaration services; warehousing services; certificate of origin service.

With the principle of becoming a professional and reliable Logistics service provider; connecting values and resources to transform opportunity into success, setting the goal of becoming a multi-field company and being oriented to provide solutions for businesses, investment and development projects, Gatelink Vietnam focuses on developing human factors, investing in technology and human resources to improve the quality of services and solutions as well as actively seeking opportunities for domestic and international trade and cooperation.


Gatelink Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established in Hanoi at a time when the Logistics market in Vietnam was on a strong development momentum. Born with the mission to bring the best logistics solutions and services to customers, Gatelink Vietnam has chosen for itself the development goal based on customer satisfaction to build the company’s reputation in the Logistics industry in the Vietnamese market.


With an enthusiastic and ambitious team to conquer challenges, Gatelink Vietnam offers the following vision and development goals until 2025:

+ Building the company to become an enterprise which is professional and reputable brand for domestic and foreign customers and partners;

+ Maintain effective operations in all fields and services that the Company is providing as well as further diversify the ability to meet the increasingly diverse needs of the market;

+ Expand links and cooperate with major carriers and logistics partners to develop strategic cooperative partnerships, build a comprehensive network of transportation and logistics services, and strive to fulfill the mission of a professional logistics solution provider;

+ Apply new technologies as well as innovative initiatives in practice to boost the efficiency of all areas of operation;

+ Consulting, sharing knowledge, developing training, personnel skills, striving to become a prestigious center of industry training in Vietnam;

The leaders and employees of Gatelink Vietnam Company are making efforts to complete the above short-term goals to create a solid premise as well as an important foundation for building more ambitious development goals after 2025.